Outdoor Sports Match

Our goal is to connect non-veteran volunteers, non-disabled veterans, and disabled veterans to each other to enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking or any other outdoor activity.

Getting started

The first step to connecting is to create an account. Click the register link at the top of the page and create your account.

Personal Information

After you have registered, you will need to provide some personal information. This is demographic, military service, and volunteer information. This information will be used when our website looks for other users for a potential match.
If you have registered, a Personal Info menu option will appear in the top menu. Click this link to complete your personal information.

Match Questionaire

Once you have completed the Personal Information section, you will need to complete a Questionaire that will give other users an idea of the type of person you are. The questions are basic personality trait questions, so don't worry, we don't get too personal.
When people look at your profile, they will see your reponses to these questions to determine if they want to contact you. Clicking the Questionaire link in the top menu will take you to the questionaire page.